Economical Ergonimics

The low down on Ergonimics!

Are you doing it wrong?

Millions of workers complain of various aches and pains related to work, most of these can be relieved using our key tips and products from Human Scale to make your work place ergonomically efficient.

Sit correctly: Thighs parallel to the floor, feet are flat on the floor or a footrest, Adjust the depth of your seat pan so you have at least 2” between the back of your knees and the front of the seat. Adjust the height of your backrest so it fits comfortably on the small of your back. Adjust your chair’s recline tension to support varying degrees of recline. Avoid using recline locks. Lean back and relax in your chair!

Typing: Position your keyboard support 1 -1.5” above your thighs, angle the keyboard so it slopes slightly away from your body. Keep your wrists in a straight, neutral posture while typing, and rest the heels of your palms support. To use your mouse use your entire arm, avoid anchoring it on the desk and using your wrist.

View: Your monitor should be perpendicular to you and at least an arm’s length away. Ensure that the area is well illuminated with a lamp, set the position carefully to avoid glare from the monitor.

Align your monitor and keyboard with the center of your chest and place object you use frequently close to avoid twisting.

Rest for a minute a few times every hour to allow your body to recover.


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