Educating you on educational furniture with ISKU!

Human Space have recently partnered ISKU in an effort to bring you the best in educational furniture. We understand that receiving good quality education is essential for children and adult learners, we also know that without the necessary equipment such as text books and writing pads, learning can be difficult. Human Space and ISKU provide you with all the necessary support and features required in classroom furniture.

With a wide range of products including desks and tables, IKSU are able to meet all requirements. The below desks have hooks to store bags ensuring the classroom floor is clear, preventing accidents and allowing children easy access to their belongings. A stationary holder feature is provided to both minimise the distraction of dropped pens and having them close at hand. Having worked on school furniture for more than 60years ISKU have thought of any aspects that facilitate a good learning environment.

 ISKU also offer a wide range of seating options for staffrooms, lobby areas, auditoriums, preschools, canteens and meeting rooms. All of the furniture is made in Finland to the highest quality and offers design, support, durabililty and functionality. Ergonomics have been a majopr consideration in the design of products. Staffroom chairs and lobby soft seating use premium fabrics and allow the user to relax and prepare for the next lession in comfort.

ISKU also offer a range of supporting furniture that is dynamic and unusual. One of the images below show their “computer lab” chairs that enable the user to move around quickly and freely, particularly necessary when printing documents. The other image is of their wall cushions, a creative idea that allows for seating to be stored neatly on the wall and removed for use when needed. The cushions come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and can be used as a learning tool. Its is even posible to customise the cushions with text and fabrics of your choice. The convient idea also acts as sound proofing  and a colourful design feature!

The products value simplicity although each is carefully thought out to include a variety of features.


Human Space is excited to be working with such an innovative company and we are looking forward to future developments.

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