The big Indian wedding

The big Indian wedding

Lately our office has been buzzing with happy music; we have been stuffing ourselves with sweets and cakes ! We even got treated for a big lunch by Liam. All this because our sales manager Mr. Gaurav Jaiswal has finally tied knot!

The wedding took place in Lucknow, India which is the Groom’s hometown. Liam and his whole family flew over to attend the big Indian wedding. They were later joined by Sunil Lotlikar our colleague and also an important member of  Gaurav’s sales team. Below are few images of the big and colourful Indian wedding for you to enjoy!

The bride and the groom

While in India, do as Indians do! Liam and his family in elaborate and colorful Indian wardrobe.

Sunil Lotliker (Left) with Liam


HumanSpace family wishes the newly weds a long and happy future ahead.

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