Add a little colour- Jelly Beans!

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HumanSpace Jelly Beans – Add a little colour in your life!

Who doesn’t like little treats every now and then? Specially on days when the pile of work on your desk seems endless and thinking about how to plode through just makes you feel grey.

We at HumanSpace know small things matter. So we decided to add little splashes of colours and flavours to tantalise your taste buds at the same time. We decided to customise small treats bag filled with jelly beans flavoured from tropical pineapple to exotic cinnamon and let our sales team distribute them to our clients and consultants on their visits. They will be more than happy to refill the stash upon request.

The Jelly beans were quite a hit with the guests in our tables at the Commercial Interior Design Awards 2013.  Various designers, architects and project teams whom HumanSpace work very closely with have also been seen happily munching them.

Just one suggestion though: We find the brown one which is the Cinnamon flavoured a bit strong for our taste.

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