A Sumptuous Lunch Date


Working in a busy office and going through same old routine with all that pressure and stress everyday would sometimes make you feel like you are stuck in a rut.

Thanks to Mr. Liam King who initiated to take the HumanSpace team out and have a sumptuous lunch date at the exclusive restaurant in Ikea last Tuesday. In the new environment away from pile of work, we indulged ourselves with the delicacies and enjoyed the delectable food in our mouth that filled in our stomach.

It is very evident in the pictures below that everyone had a great time (specially Sunil), hoping that day would never end, but after an hour we went back to the office and back to reality.

From left to right: Liam, Sunil, Gaurav

HumanSpace Team

It is good to experience a new environment and chill out for a while with HumanSpace family, and so everybody is looking forward to have something exciting again next month, perhaps a golf putting tournament as per Mr. Liam King.  We still have month long to practice our swing, so good luck.

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