” The Perfect Partnership”

Hafez Abdul-Hafez(Knoll ME Regional Sales Manager) Liam King(Humanspace Sales Director)

HumanSpace Dubai is proud to announce the new partnership with Knoll Furniture. As a part of our product portfolio expansion and quest for quality products, we have joined hands with one of the iconic brands in the furniture industry. Knoll is a much loved brand among the Architecture & Design industry because of its long standing history in the furniture design and manufacturing. With the addition of the Knoll product range, we hope to better serve our client with quality product and services.


Knoll products are functional while being design driven as the company was established on a founding principle ‘Good Design is Good business.’ When it comes to product ranges, Knoll has two very specialized series Knoll Office and Knoll Studio. While Knoll Office focuses on furniture ranges that can be used in office spaces, Knoll Studio is more focused towards iconic designs which can be fit for both home and office settings.


Liam King, the sales director at HumanSpace has appointed two key personnel, Lana March as the Knoll Brand Representative and Rosie Rai as the internal estimation manager. They will be involved in extensive training with Knoll the next few months.


For further information on the Knoll product range and our services please feel free to contact us.  We are happy to be of any help.

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