Presenting Snowsound® technology by Caimi

Caimi Brevetti S.p.A. is one of the leading manufacturers of design orientated furniture and accessories for office and contract furniture market. Recently,  Snowsound®, the range of acoustic solutions by Caimi Brevetti: the Trophée de l’Innovation 2014, awarded during the Bureaux Expo 2014 exhibition in Paris.

After the “Horeca 24 Premio Innovazione 2014” and the “International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards 2014”, awarded at CES in Las Vegas, the jury of the Trophées has recognized the excellence of the acoustic panels Flap and Flap XL (designed by Alberto and Francesco Meda).

Snowsound® technology attains acoustic correction easily and quickly, in new areas as well as in existing spaces. The need to live and work in quiet spaces, reducing the annoying acoustic reverberation, is finally met with this innovative product ideal for resolving a variety of needs.

Snowsound® technology

The brilliant intuition at the heart of Snowsound®’s patented technology is based on the use of panels composed of material with variable densities, which functions to achieve selective absorption at different frequencies and thus to optimize the acoustical environment notwithstanding the pronounced thinness of the panels. The absence of frames and seams and the unusual characteristics of the material in the fabrication of the panels, render them extremely light, unobtrusive and adaptable to any environment.

A  The surfaces of the panel are coated with Trevira CS® polyester fabric firmly bonded to the inner wadding with which it forms a single body without a break. This property makes it possible to obtain a surface which, while visually appearing very soft, actually is resistant, difficult to tear or perforate.
B_High density polyester.
 C_Medium density polyester.                                            D_Low density polyester.                                        E_Rigid edge.



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