Inspiring Offices by Martela


The nature of knowledge work has changed remarkably in a short period of time. Our answer to this is an activity based office concept called Inspiring Office® by Martela. A concept that helps to maximise effective use of office space, increases employee wellbeing and provides various opportunities for social encounters.


In a mobile world knowledge workers spend less and less time at their workstations. That is why Martela has paid a lot of attention to providing possibilities for social encounters when creating the concept.

Martela believes that the basis for workplaces that support the tasks of the employees and that are flexible for the changing requirements, comes from careful specification of the user need. Maintaining workplaces must be effortless so that the specific needs of each employee can be catered for. By utilizing the ‘Inspiring Office’ concept you can make work more efficient and improve the company image, both in the eyes of clients and new potential employees. In an inspiring office you feel that the space has been designed just for you.

Martela helps customers create the best workplaces throughout the entire workplace lifecycle. The best workplaces support companies’ businesses. Optimised use of space has been taken into account when planning them. These workplaces support the employees for the best performance. They support company brands visually as well as with sustainability. Above all, the best workplaces create wellbeing for the entire working community.


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