Introducing Crassevig



The high quality tradition of Italian craftsmanship has always marked Crassevig’s name, with tables and chairs appreciated throughout the world and distinguished by their tight, functional form. The company good reputation is due to its unmatched skill and meticulousness in wood bending and to the cooperation with the world’s most prominent designers in order to give life to products designed for  both commercial and domestic settings.


Crafting wood, feeling its potential and transforming this into seats that seem to be created expressly for our bodies, has always oriented Crassevig towards an extremely functional approach to design– simple and essential shapes, characterised by a minimal style, that attract the eye through their very modesty.


From the earliest days Crassevig tables and chairs have followed the philosophy of “Less is more”, the ultimate aesthetic mark of elegance. Because real elegance lies in essentiality.



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