Create a Moment of Sameness

Workspace Group’s Create a Moment of Sameness – “Water for Workers”

On a boiling hot summer day and in spite of their busy schedule, Adnan, Eralyn and Andrew had fun giving a bottle of water and a “ thank you” message for thirsty workers out there!

The project is “ Water for Workers” – the main aim is the engagement and interaction between those handling out water and the workers receiving it. “Cold water is nice but it’s the thank you’s ,handshakes, and small conversations with the workers that help erase the lines that separate and create a moment of sameness”.

“This is not a handout cause. Anybody can go and give water. This is about connecting to a big part of the community – sharing a moment with them, giving them a face cloth that has a message on it to allow volunteers to have a conversation,”

Good to see PepsiCo getting coverage as well – projects like this can’t happen for free and we love PepsiCo to make all this goodness happen.

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