Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Terrace launch event

The world’s most luxurious hotel unveils world-first outdoor leisure experience – Burj Al Arab Terrace

Last May 25th 2016, Set in the stunning azure waters of the Arabian Gulf, today marks the unveiling and official launch of the highly anticipated Burj Al Arab Terrace. Located at Dubai’s most iconic hotel, the terrace is a remarkable, one-of-a-kind restaurant, pool, beach and cabana space, offering hotel guests and Burj Al Arab members the finest Arabian hospitality.

Burj Al Arab Terrace is a world-first in marine and off-site construction, having been developed by marine construction experts ADMARES at a shipyard site in Finland. It was then transported by ship to Dubai in eight pieces, ensuring minimal distruption to guests, as well as the seabed and marine life.

Now in place, the private 10,000m2 outdoor luxury leisure facility seamlessly stretches 100m out into the sea and is home to Scape Restaurant & Bar, two stunning pools, dedicated butler-serviced cabanas, and a beach area with luxury day and sunbeds. As such, Burj Al Arab Terrace is not only pushing the boundaries of construction, but also of design, architecture and hospitality.

Anthony McHale, General Manager, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, commented: “As the world’s most luxurious hotel, Burj Al Arab continuously evolves and re-invents our guest experience through state-of-the-art facilities. Burj Al Arab Terrace is the ultimate destination for indulgence, socialising and relaxing and is another initiative in our endeavour to delight our guests.”

Commenting further on the design and scale, he said: “Burj Al Arab Terrace is our most ambitious project since the hotel was created; it’s a global first in hotel construction with a breakthough combination of creative marine design, ingenious engineering and guest-friendly planning. In January, we announced its arrival on a ship from Finland and, since then, our construction and design teams have brought our vision to life and the result is simply spectacular.”

Stefan Leser, Group Chief Executive Officer, Jumeirah Group, added: “The Burj Al Arab Terrace is a new Dubai landmark and a symbol of innovation and engineering excellence.  A masterpiece in design and architecture, it reinforces Dubai as an outstanding destination and leader in global hospitality.  We are immensely proud to offer such a distinctive experience, which will considerably enhance the enjoyment of our Burj Al Arab guests.”

The Design

The architectural form of the terrace has been designed to reflect the shape of Burj Al Arab, creating a fusion of sophisticated, contemporary structures and tranquil stretches of water. Linked by a central walkway, flanked on either side by crystalline beaches and private cabanas, it gives an effect of a stylised tropical forest canopy, with contrasting areas of dappled light and shade.

A palette of earth tones and clean, sharp whites, highlight the contrasting colours of nature, while the highest quality glass has been used extensively and creatively, from the panels throughout the interior spaces, to the specially commissioned handmade light installations in Scape Restaurant & Bar.

The design also incorporates a 612m2 freshwater pool and an 828m2 saltwater infinity pool, which melts into the horizon to create the mirage of a continuous ebb of water. 10 million mosaic tiles in shades of azure and gold line the pools, while 1,000 tonnes of white sand creates the dazzling beach. Set within the pools are four Jacuzzis and a swim-up bar.

Scape Restaurant and Bar

The alfresco location of Scape Restaurant & Bar offers unparalleled views of the Arabian Gulf. In the kitchen, talented head chef Timur Fazilov serves up a surprising and delicious menu of Californian fusion style dishes, while the outdoor bar provides guests with the perfect alfresco venue to enjoy a creative selection of drinks from all over the world.


Available for hotel guests and members, the 32 fully air-conditioned cabanas overlook Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab Terrace and the Dubai skyline.

The 24 Cabanas and eight Royal Cabanas can accommodate up to four guests, offering unrivalled poolside facilities – a dedicated butler service, a dining, beverage and bar menu, spa menu, fully stocked mini-bars, fresh fruits, espresso machines, Bang & Olufsen TVs and a rotating amenity cycle with 4 – 6 varieties per day. The eight Royal Cabanas also include a private bathroom, shower area and veranda.

Can nomadic workers truly belong anywhere?

Hot desking, flexible working, activity based working, task orientated workspaces; the list of words we use to describe how we work now keeps growing. But does our love for it? Some organisations operate better with a more dynamic approach to office layout and working styles; others highlight how uncomfortable people are without personal space.

How do organisations maintain a sense of belonging in agile workspaces? We invited a panel of experts to our showroom to discuss this evolving issue.

Belong at work panel

The panel (pictured from left to right) was chaired by Business Journalist Clare Dowdy with contributions from Helen Berresford, Partner Head of ID:SR, Sheppard Robson; Charlie Green, Joint Founder and Co-CEO at The Office Group (TOG), Gary Wingrove, Projects and Construction Director at BT Facilities Services Ltd. and Matthew Partovi, Founder of Culturevist.

As a ‘Culture Activist’, Matthew Partovi began by posing the question, “Can organisations buy culture?” For example, do pool tables and sofas equate to young, cool and collaborative, or at least an aspiration to be so? Investment in office design might attract employees and help build relationships but Matthew believes that true cultural change can only come from behavioural intervention. The practice of narrating work or ‘Working Out Loud’ is a good example of this. When our work is visible we encourage others to contribute which builds networks that provide access to more effective ways of working and new opportunities. To Matthew belonging is all about having a sense of purpose and creating connections; whether that’s embracing team meetings as family reunions or inviting clients and suppliers to work alongside you.

Watch highlights of Matthew’s contribution (2:47)

Gary Wingrove, who is responsible for a property portfolio of over 65 million square feet, talked through BT’s agile working journey. 15 years ago, BT was an early adopter of home working with over 15,000 people leaving their offices and freeing up a substantial amount of space. But now that number has halved and is expected to eventually reach 4,000. Feedback is showing people are happy to be back in offices and they are being more agile within them. Non-desk areas such as cafes are proving the most popular places to work so Gary’s team are making sure these spaces have all that is needed to make them productive work areas.

Watch highlights of Gary’s contribution (3:08)

From a large blue chip company, we moved to the entrepreneurial spirit of Charlie Green who is embracing and leading the concept of co-working. The aim of TOG is to provide their users with maximum flexibility in beautiful spaces with excellent, shared, facilities. These types of spaces are challenging the ‘bland’ office market providing a long-term property solution for small businesses. For Charlie, a sense of belonging comes from community and he has seen a real increase in the desire for sharing space, as well as knowledge and networks. Each of the TOG buildings has a community manager who helps to connect people on a business and social level and they have also developed an app that allows users to see who their fellow co-workers are and what business they are in, to foster further collaboration.

Watch highlights of Charlie’s contribution (3:27)

New ways of working and making nomads feel welcome require different design approaches, proposedHelen Berresford. She advocates a ‘masterplan’ strategy to an interior design scheme, where access to amenities, and opportunities to place-make, are critical. In our increasingly digital world, the need for human contact is becoming more valuable. Creative idea generation is often the result of serendipitous moments so dedicated collaborative areas are vital to team-working and productivity.

Helen left us with the somewhat obvious, but often overlooked, thought that nomads are still human beings. They have stuff; they need to know where to put their coat, charge their phone and where to get coffee. It’s hard to create an agile working environment that works for everyone (we are fickle creatures after all!) but if we can help people feel quickly at home, a sense of belonging is likely to follow.

Watch highlights of Helen’s contribution (3:33)

Standard Chartered Marathon 2015

10422492_10152684971151267_6320840396164883355_nCongratulations to Rosie Rai, our ‘Estimation Manager’, for completing her first 10K Marathon!!

We at HumanSpace believe motivating each of our employees to achieve their personal goals. Rosie started working with us as an Estimator two years back and now heads the estimation department. We are proud of her every single achievements and want to wish her all the best for more to come.


Yoga at Work

yoga at work

De-stress yourself at your workplace with yoga

Doing yoga in the office can be fun, innovative and relaxing with many long term benefits. Prolonged work on the computer strains the neck, shoulder and back muscles, which leads to tension and stiffness. Unless attended to properly, it could impact your ability to function effectively at the workplace, affecting your overall quality of life. Office yoga comprises of a sequence of simple exercises you can perform quite unobtrusively at your desk, at any time of the day.
Making office yoga exercises a part of your routine can work wonders as they wipe away body pain, fatigue and tension and increase overall muscle strength and flexibility, keeping you fresh and revitalized through the day. The exercises don’t demand much time, and can be done in spurts throughout the day, sparing you from unnecessary discomfort in the long run.
Suggestion: If you are wearing tight, uncomfortable footwear remove them before starting the stretches. You may also wish to loosen your tie and belt.
Here are a five office yoga exercises you could try for a start.
1-Neck Roll
Close your eyes.
Let your chin drop down to your chest.
Begin the circular motion of your neck slowly, by moving the right ear to the right shoulder, taking the head backwards and then bringing the left ear to the left shoulder.
Keep your shoulders loose and relax.
Rotate your neck 3-5 times and then switch directions.
2- Cow Stretch
Keep your feet on the floor.
Bring both hands on your knees.
While inhaling, stretch your back backwards and look towards the ceiling.
While exhaling, stretch your back forward and drop your head forward.
Repeat this exercise for 3-5 breaths.
3- Seated Forward Bend
Push your chair away from your desk.
Remaining seated, keep your feet flat on the floor.
Take your arms behind the lower back, keep your back straight and interlace your fingers behind your back.
Bending forward from the waist, bring your interlaced hands over your back.
Rest your chest on your thighs and relax your neck.
4- Eagle Arms
Stretch your arms straight in front of your body and parallel to the floor. Palms facing the ceiling.
Cross your right arm over the left (bend your arm slightly at the elbow if needed). Bring both palms together.
Lift both elbows. The shoulders slide down your back.
Repeat this exercise with the left arm over the right.
5- Seated Spinal Twist
Sit sideways in your chair.
Place your feet flat on the floor.
Holding the back of the chair with both hands, twist your waist to the right towards the back of the chair.
Turn to the other side. Repeat this exercise a few more times.
6-Temple Rub
Keep your elbows on your desk and place your hands on your temples.
With small circular motions gently rub your temples first clockwise and then anti-clockwise.
Do this for 10 – 15 long deep breaths.

It’s Christmas Time!

We at HumanSpace wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays.

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