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Peek & Boo – By Boss Design Group

Peek and Boo are a playful duo ideally suited to the contemporary workplace. Designed by Boss Design, Peek and Boo reflect the change towards a comfortable, informal working environment where single person work booths are the norm.

Peek and Boo can be used independently to create private spaces in open plan environments, or alongside each other to enhance collaborative working.

peek n boo



The Martela Dynamic solutions allow for the optimal use of space in work environments.The Dynamic solutions provide accurate, real-time information that enables the right type of work spaces to be designed for the particular number of employees using them, as well as fast responses to meet changing requirements. The Dynamic solutions make working in an office easier and effortless. They enable employees to easily locate free workstations, meeting rooms and storage space and to find their colleagues. In addition, with Martela’s Dynamic solutions, reserving desks and spaces is uncomplicated. The Martela Dynamic enables customers to understand how their premises are used and help create the best work environments for customers’ needs. The Dynamic solutions are always tailored to each company’s needs.

Martela Dynamic Solutions at PwC in Bergen:


Pigreco by Martex

We are happy to inform that we have now ‘Pigreco’ – the latest workstation range from Martex on display at our showroom.  If you would like to view the product, please feel free to contact any of our sales teams Lana March ( 056 6808244 ) or  Gaurav Jaiswal (055 6203192 ).pigreco wideangleThe pricipal element of Pigreco system is the innovative metal structure composed by a single central beam that allows a total span of 3600 mm without any central supporting element though guaranteeing proper strenght and support. The structure allows wire management and cable riser through side legs with compass design. The base of the central beam provides support of the wire basket and frontal screens leaving the composition clean and essential. Desktops of 30 mm thickness complete the structural elements.

The Design Concept of pigreco worked on aesthetics but also on easy assembling and quick installation process that result particularly easy and intuitive.The cable management can be effected when the workstation is completely assembled. Cable rise can be made through side legs or through optional central tower upholstered in technical fabric.

BE by Bisley

BeByBisleyLAeroTurbine07_DSC7242_NEWBeByBisleyN (1)_DSC0704_NEW_300dpi

Dynamic organizations need to respond swiftly to changing work landscapes with minimum disruption and Be by Bisley™ is the ultimate solution. It can be rearranged and reconfigured whilst supporting an organization’s ever-changing and evolving needs.

Be by Bisley™ is not one solution but a plethora of possibilities to suit the different needs of individuals and businesses now as well as in the future.

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Features and benefits

  • Capable of adapting (of becoming or being made suitable) to a particular situation or use
  • Wired portal – Integrated Power
  • Can be fine- tuned to meet the precise requirements of any organization