How to design for modern work

On Wednesday 23 March in conjunction with Disegno (the design, architecture and fashion magazine), Bisley UK were delighted to host a panel discussion about the challenges of designing for work, and offices, for today and into the future.

Modern work

Joining them in their showroom on Great Portland Street in London for this lively conversation was their chair for the evening Oli Shatford, deputy editor at Disegno; Felix de Pass, designer; Andy Swan, workplace strategist from BDG and Luke Pearson; industrial designer from Pearson Lloyd as well their audience of architects and designers, facility managers and office furniture dealers.

Many topics were examined; the impact technology has on design, what role research plays in product and environment design, how the ability to work at home is impacting offices, the issues of sustainability and well-being, and how, regardless of facilities provided, people still yearn for personal space and a sense of belonging in their place of work.

You can watch the whole discussion now. We’d love to hear your thoughts – do you agree with the points their experts make or do you view modern work in a different way? Let us know below.

Designo having one on one talk with Luke Pearson, industrial designer from Pearson Lloyd, about the challenges of designing for work, and offices, for today and into the future.



ICF – Brand Introduction

ICF is office furniture manufacturer based in Italy. They specialize in producing asthetically pleasing highly functional pieces of workstation, desks, chairs and softseating range. Some of the ranges are presented below, if you would like to know more about their products, please contact us.valea_image03



Human Space Coverage – Attitude is the key to Workspace Design

itp coverage