Learning environments – With Martela

Our focus has always been Office Furniture in the past, with the lastest changes we are more than ready to expand our scope of work into procurement for education sector. We have delivered successful medium to large scale projects like American School in Dubai and  International Horizton College in the past.

We represent one of the leading Manufacturer Martela. from Finland, in UAE who are specialised in producing furntiure that helps create inspiring learning environement. Martela’s main philosophy of design is ‘ Creating Inspiring Space’ which they achieve by implementing innovative design approach and use of vibrant colours to create inspiring spaces for learning solution to their products.  They understand that classrooms are  no longer boxed spaces with bulky and static furniture pieces. They are becoming more and more interactive with communal feeling. Allowing more learning through team work. The main focus is now on mobility and functionality.

It has also been noticed that educational spaces are beginning to reflect the changes in working styles where a lot of group work and collaboration happens. In such learning environments furniture should be easy to re-arrange for any group and task requirements.

To know more about what Martela can offer you, please log on to http://martela.com/inspiring-school/learning-environments