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The DO Design Story

The DO Design Story

DO…more from less

Greater adaptability/ easier to use.

The DO Chair is the result of us taking a completely fresh look at task chair design and we’ve worked hard to do more with less; less material, fewer parts & fewer product miles than ever before whilst still delivering the very best quality and performance.

It goes without saying that people come in all shapes & sizes and with shared workspaces becoming increasingly common, the need for simple, adaptable seating is more important than ever. User-centred design and a weight balancing mechanism mean there’s no longer a multitude of knobs & levers to find and interpret. While we’ve increased the range of adjustment we can offer, we’ve also simplified how it’s delivered so the chair is easier to set up and use.

The result is a chair with real invention; in the materials we’ve used, in the way it is assembled & transported, and in the performance it delivers.

Smartworking | Orangebox

Smartworking | Orangebox

Creating Great Collaborative Workspace

with Gerry Taylor – Creative Director Orangebox

The office is changing perhaps more rapidly than ever before. Many of us have been more mobile. In today’s knowledge economy, evidence of the knowledge worker’s rising importance can be seen every workday morning through Europe’s airports, mainline stations and motorways.


Smartworking Research

Smartworking is not only a portfolio of product; it’s a widely held viewpoint on how the contemporary workplace is changing. Smartworking is the result of continuous research, development and consultation, informed by a diversity of worldwide opinion and observation which we think challenging, inspiring and informative.

Our reports, magazines, podcasts, videos and blogs are real time insights into the business, technological and cultural dynamics that are impacting the contemporary workplace.

International architect and design practices, innovative thinkers, client organisations, management consultancies, technology companies and authors and speakers share their experience, perspective and predictions which we report on, on a continuous basis.

Innovation is central to Orangebox, in our thinking, in our product design and innovation, on how we manufacture, market and distribute our products. More importantly innovation is key in how we understand the changing culture of the workplace, which is our primary market.

Office Wars has been our channel for the reporting of this research and to date we have produced four key reports The Birth of the Corridor Warrior in 2003, Dispatches from the Frontline of Change in 2004, Boomers and Millennials in 2012 and The New Workplace Habitat in 2013.

Each reports on the upcoming changes that will impact everyone concerned with developing a more effective and successful workplace, as the accuracy of our early reports testify.